Friday, March 30, 2012

Visit from the Portland Crew

Locker room fun with Elan

We are ready to swim!

Post-swim snack with the boys

Playing doctor never gets old

Nor does running around naked

Fully clothed and ready for bed

Camel's Back Advernture


On the top 

Going up or down? 

Definitely down

Potty break in the park 



March in Boise

Just another Saturday where we get to watch mock volcano explosions at the Nature Center

This was really a fun science experiment!

Painting her nails just like Mom

Bringing Mom her birthday cake


Spring has sprung

A visit to Salt Lake City to play with lots of old and new friends

Cecilia pulls Miles while Bryn pushes

Breakfast with Miles

Sunny Saturdays are the best!  


We went out for an evening walk to view the full moon rise and then listen to the hoots of the Great Horned Owls nesting near our house. Fabulous night!