Monday, September 10, 2012

Back Home in Boise

Cecilia and Metolius finish their first puzzle together

Cecilia surfs the styrofoam

It's raining!

Boise has an annual hot air balloon festival. We got up early one Saturday morning and biked to Camel's Back Park to watch the balloons float over the city.

This one was right over our house

The one that was over our house is now landing in the park!

Cecilia helps push the air out of the balloon,

and then she helps roll it up,


and finally gets to peak into the basket and meet the pilot! 

Buster Brown

We met come wonderful people at Y camp this summer. One of the families has horses and invited us out to meet her horses. Cecilia especially liked this sweet miniature horse named Buster Brown.


Daddy riding!


Yes, Buster comes in the house!


Sun Valley

The week after visiting our good friends in Portland, we met up with some more great friends in Sun Valley! We rented a huge house with a pool and kicked back and enjoyed some quality time!

Chester never changed out of his white robe

Both Jim and Chester celebrated a birthday over the weekend while we were in Sun Valley, which was a great excuse to make delicious brownies every night!

Biking and strolling around the neighborhood

Trevor and Bryna

Miles and C

Miles tunneling

Cecilia cozies up to Chester during the symphony

Em & Bryn

An ice rink in August?

Playdough by the pool

Boys fishing

Kids playing

Ladies growing babies

Family picture


Shannon gets special treatment from 3 doctors

Great times!


 We visited Portland in early August. We had a fabulous time seeing good friends and playing in the Portland sunshine! Here are a few pictures of the good times (I regret that I have no pictures of our sweet hosts Kevin and Sarah, whom Cecilia always says she wants to go back and live with).

Greta & Cecilia eating ants on a log (Greta's ants on a log are more my style:)

The girls walking off to pick blueberries (Kruger Farms)

Amber and Greta ready for a hayride

Dancing at Kruger Farms Thursday Night Concert

More Music!
 We spent two nights camping at Pickathon (

Cecilia taking a break,  

right in front of the stage

Girls playing in the grass while their parents chat and listen to great music

Trevor and Ian

Mt Hood


Mamas and the kiddos


Elan, Celeste and C mesmerized by music

Daddy, C and ice cream (it was 100 degrees, so treats such a these were critical)

Mmm, ice cream

who needs a doctor?

Shir and Elan

Cecilia stays up late for a Neko Case show- Garen finds this very funny

Kate and Tenneal (and their bellies)

Josef, Trevor and C

We left Pickathon and headed straight for Syracuse Street for their annual block party.
It was so much fun to see friends from our old hood!