Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Holidays as a Family of Four

So much to celebrate & so many wonderful people to celebrate with

There sure are a lot of winter birthdays

Go Wisconsin!


Trevor and Cecilia bringing in the Christmas tree

Our FIRST Christmas tree EVER!

Atticus & Cecilia's Christmas stockings, salvaged from the pile of clothes
going to the second hand store

Christmas morning was a fabulous and quiet family affair

The rest of the week was filled with family outings around Boise:

The aquarium

The reptiles that reside at the aquarium???

The art museum

Camel's Back Park


Nordic Skiing at Bogus Basin

Play-time and lunch at the Nordic Lodge with friends after a long ski


We also enjoyed much needed family-time in our cozy home:

Fashion shows galore

Bath-time (often with three family members:)

Long naps and lots of kisses

Tummy-time (as long as it was tolerated)
....more pictures of this handsome guy to come....