Monday, June 18, 2012

More Helping Hands

We want to give a shout out to Papa and Nannie for taking time out of their busy summer schedule to come to Boise and lend a hand. Thanks so much for the help!!
Above: Trevor and his dad take a quick lunch break before heading back upstairs to sand the floors, and move doors, and clean dust from every surface of the house.
Below: Nannie reads Cecilia a bedtime story before tucking her in for the night. 

Cecilia is about to depart on an overnight adventure with Nannie & Papa.
She is just a tad bit excited!

Auntie Renae drove 8+ hours from Chelan to lend a hand. And boy did she ever help us - she spent hours working on the house, and then spent equal time playing with Cecilia and helping me in every way possible. Thanks sis!

We snuck away from the house work to attend a free show downtown.
Look at Cecilia dance!

Sisters and Cecilia

The sprinkler guy came out to help set up our system.
Of course, Cecilia wanted to be apart of the process, especially when you get to peer down a big hole in the ground (can you spot her bear ears?)

And this was just a funny sight to come upon this morning:
Cecilia told me she was shaving her face and legs (chalk shaving cream and a lego razor)

Monday, June 11, 2012

More May Pics Found on Second Camera

Dress-up fun

Instead of reading, they are sining the words

Our little turtle

First kite experience

Total pro

Loving the balance bike

After a family yoga class, Cecilia can't stop doing inversions

Dancing at the farmers market is becoming C's favorite Saturday activity

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chester, Shannon and Miles!

We planned to have our good friends from SLC visit over Memorial Day weekend way before we purchased the house. We talked about calling the visit off since we had so much work to do on the house. However, they knew our predicament, had no expectations, and offered to lend a hand. I dropped Chester off at the demolition sight minutes after his plane landed. He immediately set to work and helped pull down the remaining kitchen walls and cabinetry.
So many wonderful people in our life! 

After a long days work, everyone took Memorial Day off to play: 

Cecilia showing off her new moves

Chester entertaining the kids

Prepping for the bike parade

Feeling good as she enters the route

Miles with Mom & Dad before the bike parade begins

No one can stop Cecilia,

unless you are a large stuffed moose.

Waiting for the lady racers to come down the home stretch (Exergy Tour)

Silly owls

Silly Chester

Hungry kids waiting for a Memorial Day dinner

An evening with a friend and a brilliant musician

Back to work- strolling the washing machine 7 blocks to our new house

Bouncing with Grandpa Dan


Ahh, May has definitely been a month of decision-making and action. I will admit I am more stressed than I can remember ever being in the past. Most likely it is due to the chemical imbalance that comes with carrying a baby in utero. It could also have something to do with Cecilia suddenly not wanting to go to school, Trevor and I buying a home that needs some major renovations, Trevor subsequently spending gobs of hours working on said home to ensure we stay within our remodeling budget, me accepting a part-time job offer for an elementary counseling position which will start next fall (2.5 months before our baby is due). Even though we have had a lot on our plate this last month, somehow we have found quality time to stop and smell the flowers. Cecilia often brings it to our attention that we should always take time to smell another flower, or extract pollen from it if you are a bee:

She also reminds us that we should take breaks and exercise
(here she is teaching her baby bears yoga)

Eat a picnic in the park
(Trevor met us for a picnic to celebrate his last day of the semester)

Take a hike
(Mother's Day)

Take a nap

Listen to music
(Downtown Farmers Market)

And Dance

Play in a fountain

Find someone willing to lay warm sand on your body.
Lay there and soak up the warmth and attention.
(Lucky Peak State Park)

Play with the new neighbor kids who you adore
(Sidewalk in front of our new house)

Celebrate your birthday with the ones that you LOVE!
(Happy Birthday, Trevor!!)

Unfortunately, the work could not be delayed and as soon as Grandpa Dan & Grandma Pixie arrived from Wisconsin, they were put to work:

 Trevor disassembling the chimney.
Dan and Trevor spent two straight days knocking this bugger down.
 (Hopefully the whole house was built as well as that solid chimney)

Bricks from said chimney

Hauling bricks

Short break to hug his favorite granddaughter

Grandma got a little play time on C's fav hill too

"Why have Grandpa and Daddy been dirty for two straight weeks?"

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this month less stressful! Gpa & Gma, I promise we won't put you to work next time you visit- we owe you some hard labor after your last two visits!! Thank you so much for your help!!!