Friday, December 7, 2012

Our First Week at Home - with Gpa & Gma

Grandpa & Grandma arrived on Thanksgiving and spent the week spoiling us with love, food, & constant help with the house, Cecilia and baby Atticus.

Grandma takes over as the top cook of the week!

And best hair dresser of the house!

Mom, Dad, & Cecilia date night!

Nap time

Grandpa & Atticus chatting


Atticus loves his new crib
(thanks Gpa & Gpa:)


Baking with Grandma

Naked baby shots

Cecilia rides her bike home from school with Grandpa racing behind

Atticus Arrives!

Contractions are consistent! It is 7pm. Let's go for a walk!

Contractions are about 6-8 minutes apart.
It is 1:45am. Let's get to the hospital!

C'mon Trevor!

Within 2 hours, our baby boy was born!

Oma & Cecilia visit just a few hours after our son's birth

Cecilia was so excited to meet her brother!

And Oma was thrilled to meet her grandson!

After meeting her brother, Cecilia went to school to participate in her Thanksgiving program 

We enjoyed a "celebration dinner" before we left the hospital

Coming home

Proud sister

Sweet boy


After Renae, Kevin & Elicia left our house, we went into prepare and wait mode. Since Cecilia came 3 weeks early, we were sure this baby would do the same. Since he had his own plan, we found ourselves waiting.

We called Oma and invited her to come early to ensure she was here for the birth. She arrived on Sunday and Atticus arrived 1.5 weeks later on Wednesday.

We were all grateful for the extra Oma-time. Cecilia loved the extra attention & one-on-one time she got to spend with her Oma!

We enjoyed the company, the wonderful smiles, and the help she bestowed upon us!
We were truly spoiled by all of her help and love! She cooked, cleaned, took care of Cecilia while we went out to dinner & movies (we recommend watching Lincoln), grocery shopped, searched high and low for a changing table at second hand stores (which she found, bought and assembled for us:)

Cecilia helping clean the kitchen

Cecilia creating a Thanksgiving masterpiece

Cecilia learns how to buckle the car seat

Tenneal pushing the lawn mower & hoping to provoke birth.
We should have another picture of mother and son pruning, weeding and yanking out large brambles.

A Weekend of Visitors

Auntie Renae and Kevin stopped over in Boise before heading down to the Grand Canyon, where they rafted the Colorado River over a period of 26 days.

Tenneal's last ascent before Atticus is born

On top of CB with Kevin, Renae, Elicia & Gypsy
(Elicia now lives in Salt Lake City, so we are hoping to see her smiling face more often in the coming months/years:)

Family photo

Kevin working on the house 
(I am certain that Trevor secretly wished that he could have had Kevin's skilled help for much longer:)