Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Making Up for Lost Blogging

Our Trip to Kodiak Island, Alaska

The vacation begins @ 8pm @ the Boise airport.
Flight schedule: Boise-> Seattle (3 hour layover)
Seattle->Anchorage (4 hour layover)
Anchorage->Kodiak (arrival 9am Boise time)

Complimentary wine on the plane = Great start to the trip
Atticus gets a pouch of fruit/veggie puree and feels equally thrilled about the start 

Gorgeous views from the plane

Trevor spills complimentary wine. Nice attendants bring hime a plethora of napkins and more wine. 

A little sleepy, but super excited to land in Kodiak after 12 hours of night travel. 
There once was a day these parents enjoyed all-nighters. 
That day is no more.

After a full days rest, we hire a plane to bring us to Larson Bay

link for map: 

Trevor rides shotgun 

Kids are in heaven

Tenneal keeps an eye on the horizon in between searching for bears

Lauri greets us on the runway

The Bassett family boated us to our home for the next 8 days: 
Greenbanks- A sweet home away from home for the Bassetts 

Cecilia (& Jeff) catch the first halibut of the day!

A's favorite chair

Cecilia contemplating life

Atticus fearing fish

Fish art

Pre-polar plunge

Post-polar plunge

Back to the sauna

Jake contemplating life

New beach exploration

Cave dwellers

Orca sighting

Waiting for the fin

Boating fun between wild-life sightings


Rocks, water & a gorgeous sky = A content boy and his mama 

Painting on the deck

Smoking fish

Jeff takes a work break to chat with curious Cecilia

Anniversary flowers from Trevor
12 years!

Quiet beach time with the early riser



 Halibut fishing


 Boating into Greenbanks

Bush-wacking to the beaver dam

Bear tracks


Pre-bed teeth brushing ritual in the tree house
(yes, bedtime still must happen when it is bright & sunny)

From the small organisms to the grand glaciers and mountain peaks, 
the natural world in Alaska is so humbling.

Jake's canopy hammock

is the best place to watch the sunset

Tidal pool explorers

Fish filleting expert


Eagle snatching the remains from the beach

Atticus is perfect counter-weight for a small fish

Expert rock thrower


My favorite little girl

My favorite litte boy

Happy Mom

Photographer Zach





Sweet boys

Happy kids


Sunset hike

Our favorite musicians

Bye Boys- we miss you already!

Atticus, exhausted from the fun, sleeps on the boat ride back to Larson Bay

Cecilia follows suit

Last good-bye hugs to Lauri

Back on the small aircraft- 
ready for a flight full of glacier, goat & bear viewing

One more day in Kodiak:


Our aircraft pilot told us that Kodiak runs mostly off of wind and hydropower

Our last hike

Cecilia loves hiking

Atticus loves pointing

Mama loves these two 



Salmon berries- not quite ripe

 but some are ripe enough

Almost home....

Happy Summer Everyone!