Friday, April 26, 2013

Springtime in Boise

Cecilia is ready for 1 of 3 Easter Eggs hunts this season

But first she must use the clues left by the Easter Bunny to find eggs around our house

The line up before the hunt

Post-hunt fun

Planting sunflower seeds with Gramma

Keeping her brother entertained while mama cooks dinner

Balloons just may be this girl's best friend

Two cute chefs

One cute boy

Two sweet kids

Spending the night at Grama & Grampa's house is the best!

"See ya tomorrow, Mom"

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip 2013 - San Francisco or Bust

Coziest ride in the car

Surprising Steen Mountains

Oregon/Nevada Border- Our children's first visit to a casino

First overnight- Reno, baby!
Cecilia spotted the grand Atlantis hotel from a mile away-
our children's 2nd, and hopefully last, visit to a casino.

Feeding break just outside of Sac-town

We made it to Berkeley!
Cecilia quickly fell in love with the park across from Brandon & Laura's pad

Mmmm, salmon & asparagus

Picking lessons

Playing with Laura in the gnome forest

Kite flying at the marina

We attracted a winged friend

Cecilia spots the Golden Gate

Atticus flies a kite

Great Ethiopian spread with injera (not "sponge bread")

Riding the BART
(with a little peeping Atticus)

Cool man

Can you find Cecilia at the Yerba Buena Park?


Overcoming a two year fear

This family is happy to be in the Bay Area!

"I love this place, mama!"

Thanks for the fun times, Brandon & Laura!

Last hike through the fog into the eucalyptus forest

Above the fog

A zen moment


And just for fun...
Cecilia & the BOB in the Bay Area:

people watching on the BART is so much fun

A wander through Chinatown on our way to the Wharf.
Yes, even though we lived in this city and know all of it's greatest nooks we still hit up the tourist hot spots.

When living in Boise, one must visit a Trader Joe's before heading home