Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Celebration at School

Cecilia is circling around the sun with the globe 4 times

The rest of us are saying the months of year as she passes by each month written on the
 rectangular paper

She invited her grandparents to the celebration

She puts out the 4 flames signifying her four years of life

Handing out her treat
(banana bread with banana chips on top)

Daddy & his 4 year old daughter!

Cecilia and her  favorite school friends:)

Lots of love!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cecilia's 4th Birthday

Hanging with the little brother a few hours prior to the party....waiting....

Let the fun begin!

The party-goers (+ the party helpers-> thanks mom&dad:)

It was a costume-dance party as per Cecilia's request

The food

The dancing

The games

The transportation

The party favors
(crowns, not babies)

Post-party glow



Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Big House

We recently spent a weekend in McCall with 7 other families.
It wasn't as chaotic as you may imagine it would or could be, however, there were a few comical moments. The best may have been the 45 minutes after we put 5 children to bed in the third floor bunk room. In the end, only one child made it through the night up there; the rest were unwilling brought into their parents' rooms.

Pizza dinner

Atticus hanging out watching the madness

The madness

Alice, Cecilia and Elsa imitating Vashti and Will from Big Choir

Getting ready for bed

Getting ready for the snow

Snow adventures

Boys and their babies

Clay reading to the girls

Air hockey with a touch of sun

The bunk room

Most of the kiddos

We made a stop off at Gold Fork Hot Springs before returning home on Sunday

Notice the sand on the right- I finally told Cecilia that this is not a great time of the year to make sand castles after realizing there was snow only a few feet away from the sandy beach. I probably should have made this observation long before her 4th sand castle.
Silly mama was having way too much fun relaxing!

Idaho, we have fallen for you!


1 day old

1 month old

6 weeks

Singing (7 weeks)


Hating on the hat


Bundled boy

Sleeping with big sis

Big guy on his tummy (10 weeks)