Sunday, November 27, 2016

Belize & Guatemala

We made it to Paradise!

"When can we go snorkeling, Mom?"

Sunrise, sunset, repeat...

Dinner & added stingray bonus in the background 

Kids + Floating devices = Happiness

Kids + Coconuts = Bliss

Daddy Daughter Chess

Lobster Loathe

New Friends

Our Cabana

The view from our cabana

Cecilia mastering the paddle board

Mama & Cecilia looking for rays


Tobacco Caye

Time to SNORKEL!!

Early morning eagle ray spotting

Tattoo artist

A local's beloved dog died a few days before we arrived. 
The kids helped decorate the dog's grave.

Airing our dirty laundry

Devouring fabulous food

Our beautiful cook, Angie

and her sous-chef, Bernard

Karen- Atticus's Favorite Swede

Walking to the bus in Dangriga

Bus ride to the Guatemalan border (with Liza & Sarah)

To the jungle!

Tikal National Park

Chasing wild turkeys

& caterpillars

Touring the Mayan ruins while listening to howler monkeys below from the trees...


Leaf Cutter Ant


Tree frog


Waiting for the sun 

Warm glow

Post sunrise glow from atop a Mayan ruin that towers over Tikal National Park.

Jungle floor


Our jungle hut

Best buds

Spiders everyone- the jungle floor was covered with spiders!

Tuk Tuk ride to Flores

Driving around the market with eyes wide open

Learning about land lines & pay phones

Lounging back in Belize

I couldn't resist 

Swimming under gorgeous skies

Birthday Boy!

Sipping Ovaltine & Soaking up the Birthday Love

Sandcastle Fun

These kids found many ways to pass time while waiting for meals

Our dock in Caye Caulker

Our accommodations in Caye Caulker- 
note little boy peeing in the ocean:/

Smoothie Stand

Another sunset

New friends, dance party and a boat motor- 
what more do you need?

Local school where we donated a stack of science books

This is how we rolled around the island- 

Heading to the boat with our backpacks. Time to go home.

Thanks for the fun adventures, Belize!