Sunday, November 27, 2016

Belize & Guatemala

We made it to Paradise!

"When can we go snorkeling, Mom?"

Sunrise, sunset, repeat...

Dinner & added stingray bonus in the background 

Kids + Floating Devices = Happiness

Kids + Coconuts = Bliss

Daddy-Daughter Chess

Lobster Loathe & Awe

New Friends from San Juan Island- Liza & Sara

Our Cabana

Below our cabana

Cecilia mastering the paddle board

Mama & Cecilia searching for rays


Tobacco Caye

Time to SNORKEL!!

Lion Fish- cool creature, but horrible for this reef:(

Cecilia & the Sting Rays 

Nurse Sharks

Can you spot the little blue fish?

Box Fish

Boating to see manatees

Early morning Eagle Ray spotting

Two kids, a beach and a bucket

Fan Coral

Tattoo Artist

A local man's beloved dog died a few days before we arrived to Tobacco Caye. 
The kids helped decorate the dog's grave.

Airing our laundry

Devouring fabulous food

made by our beautiful cook, Angie

and her sous-chef, Bernard

Sunset paddle

Happy Paddler

Tree Climber

Frozen Drinks

Saying good-bye to Atticus's favorite Swede, Karen

Walking to the bus in Dangriga

Bus ride to the Guatemalan border 

Off to the jungle....

where we chased wild turkeys

& caterpillars

Howler Monkeys & Spider Monkeys played in the canopy 

while we toured the Mayan ruins.


Leaf cutter ant


Tree frog


Waiting for the sun

Warm glow

Loving life

Jungle floor


Our jungle hut

Best buds 

Spiders everyone!
 The jungle floor was covered with spiders when we went for our early morning (4am) hike

Tuk Tuk to Flores

Breakfast in Flores

Driving around the Maria Elena market with eyes wide open

Learning about land lines & pay phones


I couldn't resist 
(I have a similar one of Cecilia in Costa Rice 5 years ago)

Swimming under gorgeous skies

Birthday Boy!

Birthday boy & his sweet loving sis

Passing time while waiting for dinner

Our dock in Caye Caulker

Our accommodations in Caye Caulker- note little boy peeing in the ocean:/

Smoothie Stand

New friends, dance party and a boat motor- what more do kids need?

Local school where we donated a stack of science books

This is how we rolled around the island. 
The kids were THRILLED!

Heading to the boat with our backpacks. Time to go home.

What a fabulous trip!